Destination Happiness — Welcome Aboard a Journey to Beauty

Bonjour beauties…your captain speaking. Bienvenue aboard this Air Lancôme Flight. Today’s destination? Happiness! We take your beauty very seriously, so please let our Lancôme crew handle your every need for a stress-free flight.

Before takeoff, we ask you to switch off your phone and prepare your travel beauty essentials. Bi-Facil Gentle Cleanser and Makeup Remover will gently clean your skin and easily remove your makeup so you remain comfortable throughout today’s flight. Please fasten your seatbelts and get ready to transform your flight experience into a self-care treat.

We are currently cruising at an altitude of Cloud 9. For a turbulence-free beauty experience, we have all the skincare routine essentials aboard. In the event of dry skin or discomfort, Tonique Confort is a facial toner that will instantly calm your skin. We also have Advanced Génifique Face Serum onboard today to put your skincare into autopilot so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight. We will soon be passing through the cabin with some refreshments, including Génifique Yeux Eye Cream for your most delicate skin. Let the Lancôme essentials boost your skin hydration for you as you float across the clouds.

As we approach our final destination, please prepare for landing. Before we begin our descent, elevate your look with a few Lancôme makeup essentials. First, perfect your complexion with the weightless coverage of Teint Idole Ultra Wear long-lasting foundation. Before raising your seat back, raise your lashes to new heights with Hypnôse mascara for instant lash volume with no clumps. Lastly, prior to touchdown, glide on a bit of L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte lipstick in your favorite shade. This quick and easy look will have you walking on sunshine as we will soon be landing in style.

Welcome to Happiness! We hope you enjoy the destination as much as the journey. On behalf of your crew, we thank you for choosing Lancôme and look forward to welcoming you onboard again!

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