Color & Dramatic Comfort Become One — New Drama Ink Liquid Matte Lipstick

Discover the New Drama Ink Liquid Matte Lipstick. Its unique formula will provide you an easy to apply lipstick with a matte and smudge proof finish all day long.

Color & Dramatic Comfort Become One — New Drama Ink Liquid Matte Lipstick

Lancôme is always exploring the boundaries of the matte universe, innovating to push them further and deliver dramatic results. Now, let us invite you to discover the whole new world of Drama Ink, a new formula delivering on your every demand from a matte lipstick. Lancôme’s latest liquid matte lipstick brings lipstick to a dimension where color and comfort converge in a sensual, semi-matte finish for dramatic beauty and outstanding ease of wear.

Dramatic Wear

No fading and transfer Proof lipstick. All day long, passion proof wear to outlast any embrace. Thanks to the long-lasting, thin, smudge-proof film formula for a semi-matte finish, the enduring color of Drama Ink leaves no trace behind on your glass and is low transfer even in tough situations, like wearing a mask. Drama Ink won’t migrate, won’t settle into ridges, and offers ultimate resistance during day-to-day wear.

Dramatic Pleasure

Love the look of liquid matte lipsticks, but don’t want to feel them on your lips? With its weightless feel, finally this is a liquid lipstick to deliver intense color without compromising on comfort. Like a second skin, the bare lips feel of Drama Ink is thanks to its water-in-oil emulsion, 4 times thinner than other liquid lipsticks. Ultra-comfortable lipstick that leave your lips nourished with a soft and supple feel.

Dramatic Color

Dream of intense color? L’absolu Rouge Drama Ink delivers color for an effect twice as pigmented after drying. In one stroke, lips are dramatically defined, dressed in rich comfortable color. A unique range of 16 lipstick shades, including 5 star shades, means color to match your every mood and please every pair of lips.

Dramatic Design

Dramatic wear, dramatic pleasure and dramatic color — what more could you want in a matte lipstick? How about a covetable new design to contain all that drama. The new “tiny-waist” packaging cinched at the center holds an innovative new wand, the rose petal applicator. This fool proof design glides on dramatic color to deliver defined lips in one, effortless stroke. The color concealed in this gorgeous new packaging is poised on a precious gold pedestal and sealed with the iconic rose steal of Lancôme.

Drama Ink is more than a long-lasting lipstick to outlast the drama of every day. It’s an intensity color, a feeling of pleasure, and a moment meant to last. In its look and feel it reveals itself to be as sensual as it is bold, as weightless as it is intense, and audacious as it is elegant. In all it’s duplicity, let L’absolue Rouge Drama Ink becomes one with your lips and discover the pleasure that liquid matte lipstick can be.

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