How to find the best red lipstick from Lancôme for a night out?

It’s going to be a night to remember, so how do you pick your best red lipstick for the occasion?

Choosing a classic red lipstick for a night out can be a headache so let us guide the way with its simple guide to finding the best of reds from Lancôme.

To go chic and classic

It’s quite simple. You can’t go wrong with L’Absolu Rouge. Classic, iconic and sophisticated, it’s a spontaneous first port of call for those seeking their best red lipstick for a night out. With x shades to pick from, the selection of reds goes from the signature bright L’Absolu Rouge Caprice #132 or the L’Absolu Rouge Absolute Rouge #151 to L’Absolu Rouge Impatiente #172 with a hint of coral and the more purple infused L’Absolu Rouge Jezebel #191.

What’s more, there’s the chic ‘click’ to open black case that soon becomes quite addictive! And, even better, while you’re out partying with your best red lipstick, it works on hydrating your lips with its antioxidant, Vitamin E derivated and moisturizing Pro-XylaneTM enriched formula.

To dance ‘til dawn…

If you know it’s going to be a long night, the kind that ends in the early hours, make sure you opt for lasting red lipstick. Embrace the bold statement colors, and adopt the classic red Mademoiselle Shine #382. Perfect for those in a hurry, it’s a 90 second process.

To go shiny and new

L’Absolu Gloss is a new sophisticated kind of gloss. With a surprisingly velvety matte finish, this best red lipstick comes in 5 shades with two classic reds including L’Absolu Velvet Matte Rouge Artiste #144 with an orange undertone best for brunettes, or for a pinker red opt for L’Absolu Velvet Matte Entracte #181 - a good match for blondes.

It’s hard not to fall for the sleek gloss packaging engraved with the iconic Lancôme golden rose, of course. And, the best thing about L’Absolu Gloss? The wand makes for a really precise and quick application so you’re ready to go in seconds.

Best red lipstick make up do’s and don’ts

Do: Get a perfect contour
Reds and dark colored lips deserve a perfect contour. A good tip? Use the long lasting, waterproof Le Lip Liner to match the tones with the Lancôme classic range of colors. Remember to draw your lip’s outline with concealer such as Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Concealer before applying your best red lipstick.

Don’t: Forget to hydrate
Prior to your night out, remember to treat those lips kindly and give them their own little spa sessions with extra moisturizing masks or simply applying L’Absolu Rouge La Base. And, during the night, remember to alternate those tasty cocktails with water too!

Do: Fix color
To make sure your best red lipstick color lasts longer, always add a thin veil of powder, preferably through a thin paper tissue. A great insider makeup expert trick.

Don’t: Pick a lip liner with a different color
These days, the trend is for a natural look so even if you’re going for broke with the reddest of reds, stick to one color overall.

Do: Go for big lashes
To balance your vibrant best red lipstick, there’s nothing like a good voluminous lash. Add a quick Monsieur Big Mascara for 12 times more volume in minutes.

Don’t: Be a wash out
A bright red lip is a bold statement, don’t be a wash out, and add a little Blush Subtil on your cheeks to enhance your skin complexion.

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