Do I Really Need A Face Serum Before Turning 30?

Choose the right face serum: Why it’s never too early—or too late—to start using it

There’s no shortage of information when it comes to skincare. Still, the world of skincare can be difficult to navigate and the right face care products might sometimes be hard to find —whether it’s deciding which ingredients are better than others, how to find the right products for your skin type, or even when to start using a face serum.

The one thing we know for sure when it comes to the latter: the old adage that you don’t need high-powered skincare until you start noticing signs of aging couldn’t be farther from the truth. Our point of view at Lancôme: it’s never too early to start investing in your skin. Start practicing good habits, like incorporating our iconic anti-aging serum Advanced Génifique collection, before you hit your 30s.

Here is why:

Skin care tips: What’s Going on With Your Skin

The best skin care routine for Your Skin in Your 20

In your 20s, you’ve made it through the hormonal, breakout-prone teen years (for the most part), wrinkles haven’t quite set in, and lines and spots are sparse. Skin has the ability to bounce back from a late night with a just splash of cold water. Yet even with time on your side, these are also the years when you’re building your career and life—stress levels are high, and your schedule couldn’t be busier. Sleep—which is key for skin rejuvenation—is a rare treat.

Experts agree that this decade is the perfect time to start building the foundation for good skin. It is important to know the basics of an effective skincare routine: cleanse, apply a face serum, and moisturize twice a day with the right skin care products. Still convinced you’re too young? You don’t necessarily have to apply a hydrating serum every day. Skin serums can also bring light and hydration to the skin on an as-needed basis. Have a late night in the office or too many parties this month? The facial serum Advanced Génifique by Lancôme can help.

Why Skin Changes in Your 30s

30 may be the new 20, but most women begin to notice the first signs of aging a few years into the decade. With cell regeneration slowing down, lines and wrinkles emerge, sun damage crops up, and tired eyes become a regular thing. Collagen and elastin production slow down, too, so skin loses bounce and starts to sag, while loss of moisture makes it appear drier and less plump. Skin also begins to thin and lose its natural radiance, so it’s duller and less awake-looking.

How to Treat Skin Changes and reduce wrinkles

Our Classic for Early Aging: the Face Serum Advanced Génifique

Step 1 Revive Youthful Radiance: the anti-aging face serum Advanced Génifique works on signs of early aging from the start, from loss of radiance—one of the most obvious things to go—to uneven skin texture. It improves your skin’s natural barrier and surface with probiotics fractions in every drop so that your skin immediately looks younger, and more luminous in as little as 7 days*. Just apply a few drops after having used a face cleanser (its self-loading dropper makes it easy to measure out), twice a day to the face and neck. The light, non-greasy consistency is also ideal for young skin that may not be ready for richer textures.

* Clinical study & self-assessments on 34 women

The Face Serum for Bad Skin Days: Advanced Génifique Sensitive

Our skin changes daily and sometimes our main concern is less about signs of aging and more about the fact that skin just feels a little… off. Stress, diet, pollution, wacky weather, and lack of sleep (among other factors) all contribute to outbreaks of sensitivity when your face feels tight, dry, and red. When those days arrive, it’s time to trade the classic facial serum Advanced Génifique with the skin-soothing face serum for sensitive skin Advanced Génifique Sensitive at nighttime. Enriched with probiotic fractions and antioxidants like ferulic acid and Vitamin E, the Advanced Génifique Sensitive facial serum helps to soothe sensitive skin and has an anti-free radicals action.

Advanced Génifique Facial Mask: For When You Need an Extra Boost

Discover the benefits of the refreshing face mask Advanced Génifique Hydrogel Melting Mask. Did you know that such a single bio-cellulose sheet mask contains the equivalent amount of bifidus extract found in a full bottle of 30 ml Advanced Génifique facial serum? For a spa-like experience at home, apply the cooling sheet to your face for up to 30 minutes. It combines Lancôme’s patented Advanced Génifique formula and a hydrogel texture that sticks to your face like a second skin, hydrating for immediately radiant, smoother skin.

And for your eyes: eye serum Génifique Light Pearl

The eye serum Advanced Génifique Light Pearl is the complement to the Advanced Génifique face serum. Being an illuminating and hydrating eye serum with a neat massage-tip applicator, it helps reach the most inaccessible corners and minimize dark circles, appearance of exhaustion signs, and puffiness. Tired eyes—and skin—begone!

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